Poems on Love, Life & Homeland

Poems on Love, Life & Homeland

This handy little book contains a collection over 50 poems written by Ara John Movsesian.

Some poems are appropriate for use in personalized letters, greeting cards and text messages. Many are for your reading pleasure. Some are on historical topics that are dear to the poet's heart.

There is something for everyone - the romantic, the child at heart as well as the lover of history.

Poems of Love, Life & Homeland is perfect for your book collection or for residency on your coffee table

We hope that you will enjoy this poetic journey presented through the imagery of Ara John Movsesian’s words.

Poems on Love, Life & Homeland Back Cover

Poems on Love, Life & Homeland

Poems on Love, Life & Homeland is a collection of poetry written by Ara John Movsesian over a period of over forty years.

Some of the poems are from prior published works while others are from other media endeavors.  A number of poems have never been published and are presented for the first time in this collection.

Here, you will find poems on a variety of topics including, the expression of love, friendship, affection and various other strong emotions.  There are poems on life and living, in general, on children’s topics, animals and finally, poems on his homeland and people.

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Poems on Love Life and Homeland - Trade Paperback and Hardcover Editions




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